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All anyone ever wants is to feel better.
This want is disguised in so many different ways. Maybe it shows up as a desire for less anxiety, more confidence, success, better relationships. Whatever it may be for you, I can assure you the path to experiencing it is much simpler and more attainable than you think.


Andrew McKee

Personal & Group Coach, Author, Speaker, Performer.

"The most powerful knowing available in this experience we call life is knowing the difference between who we think we are and who we truly are."

I spent much of my life searching for a way to feel better. I was convinced that I was just the way I was and I was destined to go through life caught up in an experience of near constant mental suffering. That was not true. There is Hope. Please hear me. The understanding that is available to you and all of us will create a cascade of positive feeling flowing through your being, your relationships, your business, and every other part of your life. The greatest joy available to all of us is the discovery of what lies within us. It's so close. It's so simple. Sometimes a guide is all that's needed.


"I have known Andrew for more than half my life – but I never really knew myself until I started working with him as my Coach.  I have studied with some of the world’s most influential thinkers, read self-help books, and have a degree in Psychology, but something was missing.  As we started, we set some goals, ones that I thought would take me a year…they were accomplished in weeks with his guidance – WEEKS!  Andrew’s ability to listen and create clarity is beyond anything I imagined possible."

-Morgan Pierce                        

I Wrote a Book. Don't buy it. At least not yet.

I know it looks like it's about golf and it sort of is. But it is actually more about life.


It is content. Content struggles to be transformational when not accompanied with conversation.


The metaphor that is golf is a metaphor that helps us see life more clearly On the verge of giving up the game forever, I went to the range one last time to bid golf a final farewell. That was the intent until I experienced an epiphany that completely changed my relationship to the game and lowered my handicap by more than 10 strokes in less than a week! My energy and love for the game were raised beyond anything I had experienced.


The epiphany revealed a simple, yet profound concept that completely transformed the very foundation of my relationship to the game.


Beyond that, I realized that the foundation of my relationship to golf was the same foundation I shared with all relationships in my life. I wrote this book to share my epiphany that it might change your game and life as well. 

Learn to experience and practice presence so you can begin to see life more clearly and find answers to life's challenges.
Contact me below for more info.

If your goal for yourself is to feel better, to feel more love, compassion, understanding, gratitude, and peace-then we share the same goal. Please reach out for a conversation– no obligations, nothing to lose, except the things you so want to lose. It's possible that this conversation could be the beginning of clarity and insight for you and a new experience of life. That is the beauty of possibility.

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